Augmented Reality Covers Building in Tokyo


Augmented Reality is one of the digital developments I’m most keen on keeping an eye on this year. The possibilities, as they say, seem almost endless. From initially fairly basic uses of it, brands are starting to really get on board with it and I’m really interested to see the inventive ways that it could be used throughout the course of 2010.

Late last year we saw Esquire launch their AR cover in conjunction with the launch of the new Sherlock Holmes film, which we can all agree was pretty fab. Now new band Alberta Rock have used it on the cover of their début album. Magazines & CD sales are both suffering as we’re getting our news, articles & music digitally, so it definitely makes sense to incentivise the purchase of hard copies, and if it’s done well then it’s only going to boost sales/readership both on and offline, surely.

Now some super clever folk (Teradadesign & Qosmo) over in Tokyo have gone and brought Augmented Reality into, er… reality by covering the N Building in QR code data, allowing store information to be captured in real time from street level.

There’s even an iPhone app to boot. Not available via the iTunes store, but on request from the developers, which is a bit of a faff. The app means that you can see what’s happening inside the building as well as real-time comments via Twitter.

I’d LOVE to see something like this in Dublin. We had Playhouse last Autumn, allowing people to design their own animation which could be displayed on Liberty Hall, along with interaction with Twitter, but this project really takes things to a whole new level.

I wonder which brand will take on the Augmented Reality challenge this year and wow us with something really innovative and spectaular. Fingers crossed we’re not waiting too long. I, for one, can’t wait!

(Hat tip to Brandflakes For Breakfast for bringing this to my attention)

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