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Advertising isn’t dead. Of course it isn’t. It’s still hanging around, in all of its ubiquitous glory, after all. But it has changed and will continue to do so.

Not just advertising either. The changes are happening across marketing as a whole. But change is good. Daunting at times, but good.

It’s not new news for me to tell you that how people consume media and subsequently, marketing messages, has changed. Nor is it new news for me to tell you that the way we, as marketers, communicate with consumers has to change also. Nevertheless, both of these things remain true and both of these things are easier to evangelise about, than put into action.

So, in response to this I suppose, I’m here with this blog, which is dedicated to my thoughts on the above – the changes that the industry is going through, my thoughts on who’s doing it well, who’s doing it not so well, things that catch my eye and fire my imagination as well as my musings about what all of these changes mean.

My opinions are always just that – opinions. You don’t have to agree with them, they won’t always be as eloquent as I’d like, but they’ll always be honest.

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