Fat Cat Halifax Bankers Think It’s All A Big Laugh


I’ve noticed this new ad on TV the last week, for the Halifax (UK).

Now, I’ve had issues with their advertising for a while. They’ve been merrily splashing out HUGE amounts of money on overly produced ads of sub-standard creativity in my opinion. I have no issue with banks requiring ads & campaigns with high production values, and understand more than most the costs that come with them. But their singing bank staff campaigns became nothing short of ridiculous.

So now we’re in a new era. Money’s tighter than it’s been in a long while. Bankers have been proven to be the money-grabbing, soul-less humans we had long thought them to be and we’ve had to repeatedly bail them out.

With the dawn of this new era comes the new Halifax ad – wherein we see their staff high-fiving themselves and sending high-fives out to all their customers, whilst calling each other from inside wastepaper baskets & pretending to be in space! Basically being idiots.

Now, I’m not saying I want banking ads to be the sombre, characterless bunch of beige they were historically, however, if your bank has been RESCUED by the government in the middle of a massive economic black hole, I do expect there to be an air of responsibility to your communciations, yes.

And don’t get me started on the size of the actors used. Clearly those bonuses buy a lot of cream cakes 😉

3 Responses to “Fat Cat Halifax Bankers Think It’s All A Big Laugh”

  1. Quite a coincidence. I was just shouting at the tv, at this very ad it turns out! What a bunch of planks. That’s the bank officials who approved this campaign I mean, surely they wanted to at least give the impression that they’ve changed to making sensible decisions.

  2. Agreed. I’m not sure that their “friendly, approachable, on your wavelength, more fun than your average bank” proposition is really en pointe at the moment. Their brand positioning has to change given their last 12-18 months surely, and as such their proposition must need to change too.

    Perhaps changing it to just the “friendly, approachable, on your wavelength bank” might be more fitting? This sorry excuse for an ad is NOT on consumers’ wavelength surely. It can’t be.

  3. Haven’t seen the local chucklefests for Halifax in a while. At the time I liked them for their irreverence. I just had no idea how far into everyone’s wallets that irreverence actually went.

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