Lady GaGa Teams Up With Polaroid


Today the guys who own the Polaroid brand, announced a “multi-year strategic partnership” with Lady Gaga which sees her take on the Creative Director role for a range of Polaroid Imaging products, bringing “one of the world’s most iconic brands with today’s fastest rising musical artist and cultural trend setter”.

Needless to say, Ms. Gaga was adequately gushing about the cash in her bank new venture. “The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation–blending the iconic history of Polaroid and instant film with the digital era–and we are excited to collaborate on these ventures with the Polaroid brand. Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and to as my father puts it–finally, have a real job.”

It’s a fine partnership on the surface. She’s certainly creative and can grab a headline or two and there is no doubt a need for Polaroid to reinvent themselves in some way. The original product, although carrying with it a cachet of retro chic, has ceased production and subsequent product launches have died a death – anyone remember the Polaroid iZone (and accompanying stickers of tweens left all over the place)?

In recent years, as a brand, they’ve been very much on the back foot; seemingly always half a step behind the zeitgeist. Launching a sticker phone when the rest of the world is getting online & embracing digital for example. So, as partnerships go, yes, I can see the merit in this, to some degree.

However to launch a “multi-year strategic partnership” seems a little naive to me. Yes, she’s currently enjoying global fame at the moment, brought about by her apparent creativity, but in the 12 months since she’s crash landed onto the scene, she’s already showing signs of reigning it in – at least in terms of her own personal appearance. Less wig-wearing & dramatic make-up and more piano playing to show her underlying musical skill (hence we were ever to think that she’s a stylist’s puppet & not an artiste in her own right no).

Gaga 1.0 (image via

Gaga 2.0 (image via

So where will we be in 2 or 3 years time from now? Will she revolutionize digital photo frames? (Or ideally kill them off) Or will she merely tart-up already existing technologies? Creative as she is, she’s not exactly done anything really new so far.

So is this on the money right now? Absolutely. Will it be on the money in a couple of years? I’m sceptical. I can’t help but feel that as a brand, Polaroid, have somehow snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.

Full press release is available here and video footage of the Vegas launch is here

3 Responses to “Lady GaGa Teams Up With Polaroid”

  1. 1 Sasha

    But will anyone remember that it was a ‘multi-year strategic partnership’ in 12 months when it dies a quiet death?

  2. I can’t help but wonder how much of a lasting career Gaga will have; she kind of “blasted” onto the scene, but there’s only so much of her amazing original stuff that you can take before it ceases to be amazing and/or original.

  3. I’m sure Polaroid (they of the astute marketing and finger-on-the-pulse-of-what-consumers-want decision making) have a suitable pre-nup signed with the madhaus of Gaga. I think my money is on her outlasting them though.

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