Advertising is dead? Says who?



Seriously. Well, kind of.


For a long time we’ve known that consumers are tuning out. Ever lived by a train line, or on a really busy road? At first the noise of the trains or the traffic is all you can hear, but soon enough you learn to screen out the noise & no longer notice it. The same can be said for marketing, in all its forms.

Then there’s the cynicism & lack of trust that, as consumers, we have for brands. And why should we trust them anyway? After all, brands & advertisers have treated us all like idiots since Don Draper was in short pants. Just as we’ve learned to screen out the noise, we’ve learned through experience not to take on board all advertising messages as truths.

In addition to this is the shift in how we’re all consuming media, and subsequently those marketing messages I keep harping on about. Hands up who’s got the TV on in the background, laptop on their knee & their mobile no more than an arm’s length away at present. *loses count of the hands*

And yes, I know that none of this is new news to you. However, it does mean that in many ways advertising* is dead; in it’s previous incarnations at least.

What we’re left with is new, constantly evolving, challenging & exciting. The experts of old are on the back foot. Smaller operations are “getting it” more quickly and more successfully. Amateurs are outdoing the professionals. And it’s brilliant.

Advertising is dead. Long live advertising.

3 Responses to “Advertising is dead? Says who?”

  1. Happy new year Dena!!

    Loved the post. Short and sweet.
    Very interesting analogy about the train. It’s so true.
    Even though I agree with you, I believe that depending on the brand, product or service, or more specifically on the target audience, “advertising” might still be a way to consider…

    • Hi Fred. Thanks for the feedback. I don’t actually think advertising is dead – just taking on another form. Like Dr Who perhaps? 😉 It definitely still has a place and a large one at that; but it needs to be thought about and done in a different way than it has been previously.

      The rest is just my attempt at a catchy title 😉

  2. Nice post – hoorah to a new blog! (especially an advertising / marketing one).

    Did you read my post on Reciprocity? ( Similar thinking – not only have people tuned out, but brands have tuned in. The conflux of these two things is driving a new type of consumer-brand engagement (imho).

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